The Gathering - Sept. 16, 2021

Chapel Bible Study - Who Are We? - Foundations Series

You can find our fill-in notes for tonight's study HERE.

Download the Study Guides in PDF form here: STUDENT | LEADER

National Heights Baptist Church provided an Italian Feast for us including their famous cappuccino floats! Thank you so much, National Heights!!

Can't wait for next Thursday's Gathering! Make sure you bring a friend! 6:00 pm Chapel Bible Study followed by a great meal at 7:00 pm.

Remember: Everyone is welcome at The BSU Gathering! No matter who you are, or what you have done; whether you are in college or not; at MSU, Evangel, OTC, or SBU. It doesn't matter if you have a faith background or not. Maybe you don't yet believe all this stuff? That's ok. It's totally ok to have a safe place to examine the Gospel. That's what The BSU is all about...a safe place to check out the claims of the Gospel.

See you next Thursday!
Here are a few pictures of our Bible Study and meal together...

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