The Gathering - Sept. 23, 2021

The Gathering - Sept. 23, 2021
Chapel Bible Study - Who Is Jesus?- Foundations Series

You can find our fill-in notes for tonight's study HERE.

Download the Study Guides in PDF form here: STUDENT | LEADER

Our host church, University Heights Baptist Church provided an Italian Feast for us. Thank you so much, University Heights!!

Can't wait for next Thursday's Gathering! Make sure you bring a friend! 6:00 pm Chapel Bible Study followed by a great meal at 7:00 pm.

Remember: Everyone is welcome at The BSU Gathering! No matter who you are, or what you have done; whether you are in college or not; at MSU, Evangel, OTC, or SBU. It doesn't matter if you have a faith background or not. Maybe you don't yet believe all this stuff? That's ok. It's totally ok to have a safe place to examine the Gospel. That's what The BSU is all about...a safe place to check out the claims of the Gospel.

See you next Thursday!
Here are a few pictures of our Bible Study and meal together...

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